News Stories - WTAE

I have worked for WTAE- Pittsburgh's Action News 4 for almost 5 years. I had a brief separation when a position had ended and came back as soon as another opened!

These are some of the most recent stories I have had the pleasure of editing!  



2020 "Student" Projects:
I decided to refresh skills and learn avid by auditing the 

Advanced Editing  lass at Point Park University. I took the class in 2013, although I feel like I learned so much more this time around!! The projects included a commercial edit for "J-Pops", a documentary edit "Scramble King", a frankenbites clip "Adam Driver" all with footage provided by the school. I am currently working on my next project that will be cutting a music video!
I love learning and creating, having assignments to work another than just my video blogs and band features is a awesome opportunity to step outside of what I am comfortable in and is preparing me for many more projects in the future!  



Freelance Projects
I've been a freelance artist for 5+ years! I take on projects

when requested. I usually get more freelance work with my 

graphic design but love the opportunity to create videos

with others!  I was recently hired by an 8 year old, Mr. Skyler

Radtastic to help him create his YouTube videos! 


Personal Work