412nes started as a mini-documentary/news/web style video featuring the Pittsburgh music scene brought to you by LilBat (@Battrishcrazy) formally known as JustTrishSmith! 


412nes got its start in 2015 as part of a project called 4the412 by WTAE (Channel 4 NEWS).


412nes took a  hiatus after the 4the412 project ended and made a come back in 2019!


412nes expanded past  just videos but also offers graphic design services, specifically helping bands to create their  EPK's. 

Now we are here in 2020!

412nes is focusing on a series called Show Snippets, quick fun video recaps of a set from a show! Offering EPK pages hosted on for artist who do not have their own website! 

The 412nes brand was made and created by BatTrish, although it was "owned" by 4the412 in the beginning. Trish created all graphics, produced, filmed and edited every 412nes video! 

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